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Best Marvel Snap Beginner Decks in 2023

Updated | Jun, 2023

If you’re just getting started with Marvel Snap, it can feel a bit overwhelming. While the game doesn’t have as many cards as some other digital card games, it’s filled with unique twists and turns that make deck-building an exciting challenge. Regular game updates keep things fresh, but even so, there are a few go-to decks that keep proving themselves. In this guide, we’re looking at some of the best Marvel Snap beginner decks and strategies that will help you start winning games.

marvel snap beginner decks

Getting Started: Best Marvel Snap Beginner Decks

Don’t worry if your card collection seems thin right now. As a newbie, it’s actually easier for you to pick the best decks. They’ll guide you to some sweet early wins and teach you the crucial strategies you’ll need for higher-ranked play. So let’s dive right in.

Zoo: A Beginner’s Best Friend

marvel snap zoo deck beginner

Here’s a simple strategy: build your deck around Ka-Zar, an ongoing card that gives all your 1-cost cards a major power boost. Throw in Blue Marvel and your little 1-cost cards start to look like heavy hitters. If your deck starts to get a bit crowded, use cards like Sword Master or Blade to squeeze the most power out of each location.

Beware the Killmonger

Keep your eyes peeled for Killmonger. This card wipes out every 1-cost card in play, so it could stop your Zoo Deck in its tracks. Your best defense is the Armor card. Use it to shield one location and keep your higher-cost cards in another. That leaves only one spot for Killmonger to attack.

Devil Dinosaur: Less Can Be More

marvel snap beginner deck devil dinosaur

This deck introduces you to a different way of thinking: you don’t have to win every location. Devil Dinosaur gets stronger with every card in your hand, reaching a max power of 17. Pair it with Onslaught, and that power could double. If the stars align and you get the right locations, stack Iron Man on top to make it even stronger. Just remember to keep filling your hand during the first four turns to power up Devil Dinosaur.

Watch Out for Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi is a Pool 2 card that can mess up your plans by taking out Devil Dinosaur. The trick to dealing with it? Play Armor or Cosmo in the same location as Devil Dinosaur to protect it.

Ongoing: Keep it Simple, Keep Winning

marvel snap beginner deck ongoing

The Ongoing deck is one of the easiest decks for beginners, but it still packs a punch. It’s all about Namor and Klaw. Make sure Namor has the rightmost slot all to himself, then use Klaw to pump up his power. Add Iron Man to control another location, and you’re on the road to victory.

Watch Out for Enchantress

Enchantress can kill the effects of any Ongoing cards at her location. But don’t worry, she’s an On Reveal card. That means you can bluff or use Cosmo to mess up your opponent’s plans.

Moving Up the Ranks

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, it’s time to explore decks with a bit more complexity. These decks can give you an edge and even challenge advanced players if you get your strategies right.

Skip Turns: Three Strategies, One Deck

marvel snap beginner decks skip turn

The Skip Turns deck is a bit different – there are several ways you can play it. The main card to know here is Sunspot, who gets more powerful with every bit of energy you save. This gives you a few interesting options:

  • You could hold onto cards to pump up Devil Dinosaur.
  • Or, you could skip Turn 5 but still keep gaining power, and then bring out The Infinaut.
  • Finally, another approach is to draw as many cards as you can, and then put Devil Dinosaur and Odin into play. Odin has the cool ability to re-trigger cards like Cable and The Collector, so you can max out Devil Dinosaur’s power.

The Pitfall: Don’t Mix Your Strategies

With all these options, you might be tempted to try a bit of everything. But trust us on this, you’ll want to pick a strategy and stick with it. Look at your opening hand, decide on your strategy early, and avoid switching mid-game.

Discard: High Risk, High Reward

marvel snap beginner decks discard

Next up is the Discard deck. It’s simple in concept, but can be tricky in execution. The idea is to discard Apocalypse as often as you can and then play him to guarantee a win at a location. Since Apocalypse can’t win two locations for you, you’ll need to use powerful low-cost cards like Morbius and Blade to control another spot.

The Risk: Discarding the Wrong Card

This deck can be a bit of a gamble. You might end up discarding cards you need, or worse, you may not be able to discard Apocalypse at all. To lessen this risk, we’ve included America Chavez in the deck. But remember, it’s crucial to recognize when it’s time to cut your losses with this strategy.

And that’s it! Now you’ve got a set of solid Marvel Snap decks to experiment with. Remember, the best deck is the one that suits you the most. So pick your strategy, have fun, and see you on the battlefield!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cards to include in my Marvel Snap beginner deck?

For beginners, cards like Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, Devil Dinosaur, and Onslaught are great options. They offer powerful abilities that can make your low-cost cards more effective. Experiment with these cards in different combinations to find a strategy that suits your playstyle.

What are the best Marvel Snap Pool 1 decks?

Building a successful Pool 1 deck is all about understanding the synergy between your cards. The Zoo deck and Devil Dinosaur deck are excellent choices. The Zoo deck uses Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel to boost the power of 1-cost cards, while the Devil Dinosaur deck leverages the number of cards in your hand to increase power.